Thursday, December 3, 2015


Finding a green and red plaid wrapping paper on sale after the last Christmas gave me a great idea on how to change up a holiday setting.

I have always loved this Pottery Barn ornament and at 50% off, I couldn't pass it up.

What better item to use then a vintage suitcase?
I love the ratty handle.

A vintage elementary reader added some charm to the display.

Some more vintage red readers bring in yet more color.

Grandma's antique string holder ready to tie up Christmas packages is added.

Brown paper packages tied up with string......

A few brown paper scrapbooks ready to be filled with Christmas memories...

Some Christmas evergreens...

A beautiful red embroidered tablecloth....

And the display is complete.

Wait and see how I turn this suitcase full of Christmas treasures into a setting for the mantle.

1 comment:

  1. adorable...or as my daughters would "Totes adorbs."