Friday, December 11, 2015


 I want to share a quick way to wrap presents without tags.  I am never fond of the mass produced type of Christmas tags.

You will need a glue gun, (sorry about the blurriness)

various wrapping paper in the same color family,

When Christmas is over, I generally head to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Wal-Mart to buy glittered ornaments and picks when they are 75% off.  Sometimes they come in packages of 10 such as the Christmas trees in the next picture, and then they are pennies on the dollar.

After wrapping the packages, I take a sharpie and write the initial of the person that the gift is intended to on the bottom of the package and then put a small piece of scotch tape over the writing so it cannot smear.

 The last step is to glue gun one of the embellishments onto the front.  Instant sparkle.


Since I don't have the tree up yet, I stacked the gifts on the bench to display them.

You will find that it takes a matter of minutes to glue gun the embellishments on the packages.  Go to the after Christmas sales this year and stock up embellishments for next year.

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