Thursday, December 24, 2015


I haven't made a collage for a while, so I thought that I could make one for Christmas. While making a home-made Christmas card, I always try to incorporate part of the collage.  What am I going to create this season?

I had a frame that I found on sale years ago up in the craft room.  I wasn't crazy about the image inside the frame so I didn't have a problem taking it out.

My friend Tara had given me an image that she had used in making her Charms and Flourishes charms.  To this image, I pulled out a vintage Christmas music score, some bejeweled embellishments, lace fabric and laser cut scrapbook paper.

Flipping the frame over, I removed the brown paper.

Then, using a pliers, I removed all of the staples from around the picture.

Unfortunately, the image was glued to the mat.

 So in order to not cause damage to the borders, I found a piece of scrapbook paper to lay over the image and secured it with scrapbook adhesive.

To add dimension, a piece of fabric lace was used.


After layering the items, the collage starts to take shape.

The delicate scrolling of the frame compliments that collage.

The lights of the Christmas tree enhances the collage.


The collage hangs over the Nativity scene in the dining room.

Let us remember the real reason behind Christmas.


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