Thursday, December 31, 2015


Today I write my 422nd post--I can hardly believe it.  Thank you to my friend, Susan, for giving me that nudge and creating this blog for me to write about my crafting projects. When she emailed me back in November 2011 with this development, I never would have thought that I could nurture this gift so long.

 I hope to continue and have some exciting projects ready in my mind.  A quilt, an armoire and stenciling a wall are at the top of my list.  Thank you for continuing to read my posts.

So let's move on to today's posting.

This is how I picture my sister Terri now in the postcard below.
  While writing the last month's blogs since her death, I felt stagnant for  a few weeks.   In the third week, I said to myself, 'today is the day' and my rapid fire brainstorming began again.  About 20 minutes into my fury, I stopped and looked up to heaven.  Thank you Terri.

A sense of calm came over me and I felt at peace.  With or without Terri here on Earth, she will guide me during my future postings.  I would think that she would be crafting on her own somewhere in heaven.

A Joyful New Year to All
 Graphics Fairy

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