Thursday, March 31, 2016


Recall the free chandelier. Something very unusual about this chandelier are the triangular prisms.

It was so hard to photograph these pointed prisms.

A good cleaning of all the brass would rejuvenate the fixture.  Notice all the dust.

They must have had a silly string party while this fixture hung in its previous home.

The weight of these crystals was amazing.  After they were all removed from the base, the crystals alone weighed 15 pounds., yes, 15 pounds.

Besides the normal teardrop crystals, this light has French cut crystals.

The French cut crystals are 4 inches in length.

Once the crystals were removed, they were stored in zip lock bags with a description of where they belonged on the fixture.

In some of the groupings, I took a picture of how they were hung when different crystals were in the set.

My notes will help me in the end when the crystals need to be restrung.

Three crystals were missing, so I ordered new ones from the Internet.

Mr. Thrifty temporarily hooks up the light to a plug in to see if any of the lights are not functioning.  One was flickering, which means he needs to rewire the entire light.  Thank goodness for Mr. Thrifty.

Sorry, but I missed a grouping.  These hung at the top.

Once the light was emptied, I filled 9 quart size bags of the sorted crystals.  

At first, I was going to paint the frame but thanks from advice from a friend, I will try to polish the brass and see if I am satisfied with the results.

The next step is to wash, dry and repairing any of the fittings on the crystals.

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