Tuesday, March 22, 2016


With Easter right around the corner, I was ready to make an Easter mini tree for the dorm room.  I purchased the fabric for $3.16 without tax, Easter glittered egg ornaments, pink edging ribbon and a complimentary garland.

Again, I laid the Valentine's Day tree skirt onto the folded fabric.

Once cut, the half circle was folded in half and a small triangle was cut at the corner in order to make an opening for the tree.

The skirt was then opened up.

A cut was made from the cut triangle to the outside of the skirt.

The inside square was then zig zagged to reinforce the fabric.

The two open sides were then turned under and sewn.

Two pieces of blue ribbon were sewn on to tie the skirt and pink edging was sewn onto the outside of the skirt.

The skirt was tied around the bottom of the tree.

The garland and egg ornaments were hung on the tree.

I think it is important that my girls have holiday decorations when living away from home.  I hope my oldest is pleased with her Easter mini tree.

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