Thursday, March 3, 2016


It was great news to find out that we were embracing another into our large family.  My nephew became engaged recently and I wanted to welcome his fiancée into our family.  Time for a card.....

After putting together a few die cuts, I glittered some of the filigree on one of the images.

With a distressed pale green damask background, I added a sweet frame surrounded by pastel blooms. I cut out the inside of the frame and placed a coral scrapbook paper underneath it.  A rose embellishment was placed into the center of the frame. You know how I love different textures.

I hope this new journey for the couple is full of happiness.


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  1. Thanks so much Lora! I started following your blog after reading your tribute to Terri, so right after receiving the card, I bet BJ that it would wind up on the blog! :)

    It's so beautiful, and I of course appreciate the sentiment behind it as well!