Saturday, March 12, 2016


When I created the Christmas tree for my freshman daughter at college, I asked her to keep it until the next school year.  It was then that she requested a seasonal tree so she could keep it up all year.

When I went searching for a tree skirt for St. Patrick's Day, there were none.  Recall that the Valentine's day skirt cost $7.99 before I received the 90% discount.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone by purchasing fabric to make 2 skirts, one for her and one for my youngest when she goes off to college.  I then bought a fabric for St. Pat's and a fabric for Easter, especially since the dates are so close together this year.

Besides the fabric, I bought some pom pom ribbon, green lucky coins, shamrock ornaments and green shamrock garland too.

The lime green gingham fabric costs $1.76 without tax.  Not bad for two tree skirts!

I began by making two folds in the fabric in order to cut out the 2 skirts.

Then taking the Valentine's Day tree skirt, I placed it on the material on the fold and cut out the skirts.

Next, I cut a small v out in the center.

Once opened up, I had an opening for the tree itself.

In order to reinforce the hole, I sewed a zig zag stitch around the square hole.

Then I sewed down the two cut edges coming out of the hole.  Two pieces of ribbon were sewed on to the top of the hole to enable one to tie them once under the tree.

Now the ribbon edging was sewn onto the remainder of the outside of the skirt.

With the skirt done, it was time to decorate the mini tree.

The shamrocks were hung and the shamrock garland was wound around the tree.  A few of the Lucky shamrock coins were placed on top of the skirt

I hope my daughter will enjoy this St. Pat's tree as much as I do.

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