Saturday, May 21, 2016


This is a Christmas in May idea for your next Christmas season.  It is amazing to take an inanimate object and put a Christmas spin on it.

One of my Dad's hobbies in his retirement was to make wooden toys.  He really enjoyed the time making all sorts of wheeled vehicles.  Because of our military background, the jeep was close to my heart.  In order to create a coffee table arrangement, I started with a shabby ornate white frame to use as a tray.

Using a scrapbook paper of weathered lime green barn wood filled the base of the frame.

A few lime green bottle brush trees filled the bed of the jeep.

A Jolees 3 dimensional wreath was attached to the grill.

A sprig of evergreen was placed to the side of the jeep.

It was nice to use the jeep since my girls never had any desire to use the jeep as a toy.


Thanks Dad!  And its a great coffee table decoration.

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