Sunday, May 8, 2016


I won't be able to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mom or sister this year.  To think that in one short year, this has all come to pass.  

However, as I say that, I know 
that all that I am has come come from my Mothers, Grandmothers and other strong female relatives and friends who have helped to mold my life.  How lucky can we be?  Instead of having melancholy thoughts today, I sit here and and realize how lucky I am to have such amazing matriarchal figures touch my life and give me such life lessons.

Thanks  to all of you here and those in heaven. The gifts you have shared are boundless and I hope to pass them on to my own daughters. 

This morning I would like to share a picture that I just took outside of the perennial bed.  The red peonies you see were transplanted from Grandma Roth's house in Peoria. Since the house there was built in 1939, these peonies could be 77 years old.   I think they symbolize that generational gifts that flows from one grandmother to a granddaughter to her daughters.  Let us not break the chain of maternal love.


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