Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Once we had finished the parlor bath painting and stenciling, I had an idea for a wall hanging.  I looked and looked and finally went online to find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to incorporate another piece of my estate sale silver plate pieces in the design.
This wall décor cost about $19.00.  Considering that I already had the silver on hand, it was a quick set up.

This is the idea but a bit of elbow grease will clean the silver with some polish.

The filigree of the iron compliments the stencil on the wall in the room.

I need to wait for Mr. Thrifty to hammer the nail into the stud on the wall.

Here is the parlor bath with the stencil.

Once the metal display rack was on the wall, the silver plate piece looked better being vertical as opposing to horizontal.

 With the champagne bucket for a trash can, the ornate rectangular mirror sitting on the back of the toilet and the display rack now gives the bath a cohesive look.

This was one of these projects that I had dreamed up a few years back.  It is so satisfying to see the results and still feel good about the design.

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