Friday, January 6, 2017


I'm trying to wrap up the Christmas decorations so I'm posting the last few holiday posts.  Bear with me.  It always seems like I have more posts during December then any other time of the year.

Right inside the foyer, I have a small black bedside table.  This year, I brought a silver plated coffee pot out and filled it with a branch full of berries, a pine cone and some frosted branches.  To the side, I placed old fashioned hard candies into a small cute cut glass vessel and laid the lid to the side.

A silver plate wine coaster brought some more glitz to the scene.

I tend to do a color theme for Christmas, but using the traditional reds and greens this year just seemed to fit well in this corner of the house.

This view makes for a comfy, cozy step inside the winter wonderland.

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