Thursday, January 26, 2017


 As much as I loved the winter mantle, it was time to create the annual Valentine's Day Mantle. 

When I was getting ready to sell the Maywood house, I was in the basement cleaning the laundry room.  In this room, Grandma had an old gas stove in which she would do her summer canning. Inside the stove, I found this granite ware pan.  I was intrigued that the pan had an indention of a spoon.  Knowing that I couldn't take the stove with me, I pulled the pan out and brought it home with me as a piece of history of the old house.  Having a kitchen pan that she used 60 or 70 years ago brings back such amazing memories of Grandma's cooking.

Maywood circa 1939
The Detroit Jewel gas stove.  It still worked too.  If I had my choice, I would have loved to have sandblasted the rust off and used it.  Only in my dreams.

The pan before cleaning....

Once I cleaned up the pan, I tried to figure out how to use it in my mantle for this special February holiday.

My dear friend, Tara sent me this beautiful roses and bay leaves wreath which dried beautifully.  I tied the wreath to the handle of the pan.

I left the church window and vintage mirror up and leaned the word LOVE up against the bottom of the window.

Years ago, an older military mom gave me two felted Valentine pillows, one for each of my girls.  Using ribbon, I attached these two hearts and two other hearts from the metal inside frame of the window.

A tasseled silver fabric heart was hung from the mantle clock.

A decoupage  postcard was leaned up against the clock.

A white vintage baby dress with an embroidered valentine is hung from the mantle.

So Grandma lives on with us this Valentine's Day.

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