Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year to all!  I apologize for my not posting this week.  Between helping out with family members and trying to host a spectacular Christmas weekend has worn me out.

But, I'm ready to start the New Year off with a new recipe for you all-time tested and approved.

Here are the ingredients.  I forgot to put the salt in the picture.

I believe I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I retyped it to fit in my binder.  Sorry for the misspelling on the word 'large'.

I received this great tool last year and try to find recipes that use the zester.  I cannot tell you how easy it is to zest lemons or limes. It is unbelievable.

The clear cover to the bottom right of the tool is the cover.  Cleanup is a breeze.

Once your sour cream mixture and avocado mixture are ready, put your shrimp in the oven.

Once the shrimp is done, pull from the oven and assemble the bites.

 I placed the guacamole first in the shell, then adding the sour cream. On the first plateful, I placed one whole shrimp.  It was WAY TOO much shrimp. 

 After eating the first batch, I used a scissors and cut the shrimp in half.  Once I assembled the second batch, their taste was much more balanced.

I liked this recipe because it had a different twist.  I was getting tired of dips.  If you love shrimp tacos, try this recipe.

And Happy New Year again.

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