Friday, September 21, 2012

Eyelash Yarn Lampshade

While I first envisioned my Blue willow and white living room, I had trouble finding lampshades for my table top lamps.  I bought the lamps while at a flea market years ago for $5.00 each.

                       Initially, I got out my rolls of leftover vinyl wallpaper to create a lampshade.

I had previously used left over wall paper and pleated them. A bit of glue gun secured the wallpaper pleats to the lamp shades.

I wanted a subtle look that didn't scream 'all blue' accessories.  While at Jo Ann Fabrics, I spied eyelash yarn.

The next picture is a sample of eyelash yarn.  I found it at Hobby Lobby.  I'm sure that the blue variegated style is still around, but Hobby Lobby did not carry it.

  The neat thing about this type of yarn is that it is variegated.  I first took a piece of packing tape and taped the initial yarn on the underside corner of the lampshade.  The remaining process involved wrapping very closely through the lampshade until the entire shade was finished.  A second piece of packing tape secured the last piece of yarn underneath the shade.

                                    Here is the resulting inside of the lampshade.

                                                              And the shade itself.

                                        Finally, adding some bling to the lamp  finished it.

Adding cobalt blue and Chinese blue pottery completes the scene.

This makes such a relaxing and soothing entrance into the foyer.

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