Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oriental Blue Mantle

I have been collecting blue Oriental ceramic pieces for years.  Most of them were picked up at estate sales for very reasonable prices.

 When contemplating which pieces to use, I use 3 as my magic number.  One architectural piece and two blue pieces usually do the trick.

The white gingerbread piece was previously a music stand on an old piano.  The books were covered in blue and white contrasting wrapping paper.

The ceramic planter actually has 2 parts.  The bottom piece holds water overflow. The funny thing about this base is that they are not a matching set.  However, only a very observant eye would notice that.

                                   One last addition of three cobalt blue nesting balls completed the look.

Our public library has a 25 cent used book sale every year.  My youngest loves to find old books with me to use and also to read.  Sat. was a lucky day.  I found these three books and added them to the mantle. Aren't these beautiful books for just $.75?

  Instead of remaining with just white and blue, I added  a  window box that was planted in May. 

              Sitting it underneath the blue and white china plate mosaic mirror completes the scene.

                                     The base is made up of a vintage sewing machine base.

And while the planter is outside catching some sun, I exchanged it for the cobalt blue pitcher.

All of the blue and white china pieces work throughout the year.  Wait to see how great they look with the burnt orange colors of autumn.

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