Thursday, September 13, 2012

What can you do with a vintage sewing machine base?

When I purchased my grandmother's house, in the basement sat a vintage rod iron sewing machine base.  The treadle was missing, but that was fine with me. Instead of having the sewing cabinet attached to the base, laying on top of it was a piece of plywood covered in batting and cotton fabric. Grandma used the table as a cutting table or general workspace.

  I'm not sure the origin of the base, but I wanted to transform it into a worthy fixture in my house.  As many items of mine, it sat waiting for a transformation.

                    Later, I finally sanded the piece and top coated it with high gloss black paint. 

                 The only thing remaining was to find a suitable top.  While living in Chicago, I visited a marble and granite store and found a beautiful piece.  I loved the veining of this marble.

      Once the piece was  cut and edges smoothed, it was ready to be attached to the base.
         Actually, the marble was so heavy that I just laid it on top of the rod iron base.

 This table can be placed in any room of the house. It is elegant yet practical but still remains a part of our family history.


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