Friday, September 28, 2012

The Blanket Chest

My grandmother kept this trunk upstairs in her unfinished attic.  Inside lay decades of handmade quilts.

It was a practical piece being that it held a lot of items.  However, it reminded me of some medieval trunk that did not go with any of my furniture. After removing the metal pointed tacks and plates, it was sanded.  I removed the bottom trim so it wouldn't feel so bulky.

In the garden department at Lowe's, I found gate finials.  I purchased 4 to create legs for the trunk.

             When the finials were screwed on and painted, it gave the trunk a more feminine feel.

I found this resin decoration on eBay.  They were very easy to use.  I spray primed both pieces and then painted with my high gloss paint.  An adhesive was used to apply them directly to the front of the trunk. Before gluing them on, I had completely painted the surface of the trunk too so I wouldn't have globs of paint around the decoration.
This is one of those pieces that I move around the house.  Now, it sits in front of our bed.  It has also been used as a coffee table for the living room and a base to place the Christmas tree upon.  Having a piece with multiple functions is a must if you like to move furniture around the house.  And I do.....


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