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In the early 2000's, I began to leave behind the darker colors in decorating and lean  towards blue and white, more specifically, Chinese Blue Willow.

The blue mosaic mirror that I have blogged about before committed me to the fresh look of blue and white in the great room.

 With a mother of young children at the time, I recall people mentioning to me that white was not a color to maintain in a household with children.  Except, there was an option--SLIPCOVERS!!!!! 

There was one particular fabric that I kept going back to.  It was an soft white matelassé.  It wears well and can be washed in cold water easily.  Also, it looks brand new when put back on the couch, hassock, club chair or chaise.
I'm going to show you some before pictures. 

This slipcover came from a slip cover manufacturer.  As much as I washed it, it would clean up well.  However, it didn't have the custom like slipcover look.

As you can see, this is a very vintage chair--my grandmother's.  She had a matching couch that I have donated.  I wished I would have had the forethought to have saved it.  I love the fringe on this even though it won't show.  This club chair is the one in the house that everyone gravitates to.  I also have a hassock that I cover with a ruffle from this same slipcover company.  I love the fact that I can just toss it in the washer and put it back on the pieces wet.  The pieces dry and shrink up a bit, creating the mattelasse puckering.

After my slipcover lady did such a fine job on the chaise, I asked her to complete another slipcover.  This covers the old club chair above. 

Here is a close-up of the side piece of the new slipcover.  This fabric was purchased from Gifford Street Fabrics here in Huntsville.  It was $17.95 a yard.  It is called Marilyn Snow.

My slipcover lady has great ideas on enhancing each individual piece.  I love this short skirt.  This chair also looks  upholstered.  She does a separate cushion cover.

The slipcover lady always uses heavy duty Velcro to complete the last seam for a little room to place the slipcover on the chair.  This is the seam in the back before the Velcro is closed.

                                                                And after.

                                   This is the seam standing farther away from the chair.

Here is a picture of the footstool.   This too, was pulled from the Prince William County Dump.  Mr. Thrifty steam cleaned it before I added this fabric.  It shows the pillow ticking pink fabric that I had slip covered before without its ruffle.

First, I laid the flat piece of fabric over the footstool, cornered all the edges and secured them with a safety pin underneath at each corner.

                                                               This is the ruffle.

                           As you can see, it is one piece with elastic ruffling the top edge.

Here is the finished footstool.  Remember, this is the original fabric from the first slipcover.  I like to mix and match the Mattelasse fabrics.  I think it gives the pieces more dimension.  I actually have 6 different types of off white mattelasse in this room.

I'd  like to add that my pillows are the pieces that really pop the color blue in the room.  I try to use two different fabrics on each pillow.  That way, when a different season comes around, I just flip the pillow for a different look using the light floral for summer and the blue tartan for winter.

                         If I wanted to change the whole color scheme, I could just pick another color palette                                         and completely change the look of the room.

  You too can manage off white slip covered furniture in your room.  The washing machine is my friend!

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