Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

When we first arrived in Arkansas, the termite man came out to the house on a very hot July day to treat the home.  The poor man was very thin and watching him work in the heat disturbed me.  So throughout the day, I kept a glass of icy lemonade filled for him.  He was so grateful that when he left, I walked to his truck to sign the work order,  I spied a bunch of stuff thrown into the bed of it.

 In particular, there was an interesting piece that was a hand carved shelf that was very rough looking.   Some other termite customer had given it to him on a previous job.  My first thought was that it reminded me of Hobo art.  I made a comment about the unusual piece.  Next thing I know, he offers to give me the  piece for free.

I wish that I had taken a picture of it back then. The back of the shelf had hand carved birds and a bunny in it.  It was absolutely charming.  It must have laid in water because it was water stained.  After some sanding, I primed and painted the piece.  I had envisioned my smaller pieces of blue and white china pieces  lining this shelf even before I painted it.

There was a precious dutch couple that I had purchased when I was in Holland.  A pair of dutch shoes, a tea cup and saucer, a platter and lid and a miniature white and blue water pitcher, and a nest with eggs completes the arrangement. 

This piece I bought on a Sister's Weekend in Atchison, Kansas at Nell Hill's.

It fits perfectly in the upstairs bathroom complimented by a Home Goods blue toile shower curtain.

             I smile every time I walk into this bathroom.  What a story about the 'junk in the trunk'!

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