Friday, June 7, 2013


While having our spring neighborhood garage sale, one of my neighbors stopped by to tell me that a neighbor around the block was selling vintage quilts.  I handed off the sale to Mr. Thrifty and hopped in the car.  We drove around the corner and stopped.  This family was in the process of downsizing--in a major way.  He had a stack of 6 quilts laid in a heap on an old church pew.  The church pew would have gone home with me but I didn't have the room.  But the quilts.......

Five years ago, you couldn't have snatched up one of these for $75.00.  His price was $20.00 a piece unless I bought two, he would throw the third one in for free.  There was no hesitation at all.

Once the weekend was over, I rushed to the Laundromat to wash all three quilts.
Here is the first and my favorite one.
As you see, there is some wear on these.  I think more about the nimble fingers who first sewed this masterpiece.  I decided to drape the three quilts over my great room furniture for a summer look.
Here is the second one......
And my free one  lays over the couch and needs new binding, but that can wait for now.
The whole room now has the feel of a summer porch.  The bright punches of color infused into the room bring about lazy days of summer.

Welcome Summer!


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