Saturday, June 1, 2013


 I can hardly believe that the kids are out of school and it is June again.

June is the wedding month.  To celebrate, I wanted to honor the bride by creating a vignette.

I have a picture of a very famous sculpture.  It is called the Veiled Maiden sculpted by an English-based Italian named Raphael Monti in the 1850's.  This piece has intrigued me.  I wanted to change it up my way.

You might recall my 'lady' bust.  It won't take much to turn her into the veiled bride.
Purchasing a yard of organza was the first layer in this creation.
Adding a triple strand of estate sale pearls gave her some bling. 
The next step was to create a crown of fresh flowers that reminded me of the dandelion chains we used to make in the summers of my youth.
I bought a bunch of baby's breath.
Using floral tape, I began making a chain.
Now I have my own veiled maiden to display for the wedding month.
The babies breath wreath will dry nicely and last the month.
As I was writing this post, I had the ceiling fan on in the great room.  The organza billowed and added intrigued to the statue.
Situated on top of the porch post stand, she will stand in her glory.
Let us honor all of those summer brides.

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