Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'm sure you will find this a peculiar blog post for the month of August.  However, knowing the time it took to complete our American Girl projects for that Christmas past, I figured that if anyone was serious enough about contemplating a similar project, they would need lots of time to complete it before this Christmas.

So here goes.  The year that Mr. Thrifty retired from the military was challenging.  The job market seemed dismal and we were not destined to have a smooth transition from military to civilian employment.  Living on a military retirement alone while trying to continue private education for the girls and maintain our household was a true challenge.  Knowing that the Mr. had some free time between applying for jobs, I approached him with an idea.  At the time, the girls were wanting American Girl accessories and clothes for Christmas.  What about building and decorating their very own doll beds for their dolls?  The time and energy involved really were presents made out of love.

The plans for our Molly and Elizabeth beds started with some researching.  These are pictures of the two original American Girl beds for both girls.  Here is Elizabeth's bed.

And here is Molly's bed.

Not only was Mr. Thrifty going to build the bed frames, but I was going to create the bedding for both beds.
In order to build the frames, we needed pictures of the frames.

Next, we needed to measure the dolls themselves and create our own frames.  After a trip to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby, work began.  Basically, the beds were the same but with an added canopy frame added onto the Elizabeth bed.
Here are the two bed frames after completion.

Notice that the Elizabeth bed frame was stained a dark mahogany.

There was no need to stain Molly's bed since the headboard and bed itself would be covered by the vivid red corduroy fabric.

The next post will show how all the bedding was made and attached.

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