Saturday, August 17, 2013


Our first week of school is now behind us.  The girls are back in the groove with their various activities and sports.  I remain the family taxi driver for the duration.

Using the vintage photograph of my Grandmother's 7th-8th grade class picture was the start of creating a fun back to school foyer display.

Filling a European milk bottle found in Belgium  with numerous school-bus yellow pencils began the layering process.  Setting the photo on top of miniature editions of old composition notebooks added to the mix.  Encasing these items in the lantern gave a stage for the school theme. The vintage suitcase gave the lantern some height. 


The tried and true burlap runner was a good textural base for the top of the vintage dresser.

Adding some composition books and chalk added fun details.

While at an estate sale last weekend, I found 3 vintage school books at 50 cents apiece. The Grammar School Reader was published in 1909 by the Scott, Foresman and Company.  The Tale of Two Cities had a copyright of 1906.

The third book was the New Essentials of English.  This book was copyrighted in 1920.

Inside the front cover was an amazing illustration of Oral and Written language.

These books laid in the hands of those that came before us.  How remarkable is that?
Finishing out the foyer was a vintage school ceiling fixture turned into a floor spotlight and an old oak school chair.

The collection of all these items brought my idea to life.
And to honor my Grandmother and all of those that came after her, the scene is complete.

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