Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm sure you have seen these great new holders to hold the trendy scarves that are out there today.  My sister,  Merri, will be credited for this inspiration.  When I visited Mom in Illinois this summer, she had arranged her scarves, in color order on these nifty new hangers that she bought at The Container Store.

When I first saw the hangers in Mom's closet, I thought that if I could use these same hangers for ties.  Mr. Thrifty has accumulated numerous ties.  He likes to rotate them, so he uses wire hangers in his closet.  It was an unsightly mess.

Logically, we should have used a plastic hanger considering the weight of the fabric has collapsed the hanger itself.

While looking for a birthday present for him, I spied these scarf hangers at Stein-Mart.

  These hangers only have 10 holes as opposed to The Container Store ones that have 20.  That was OK.  These are solid wood and have a masculine look to them.  I bought 6 hangers.  I needed at least one empty hanger to keep his rotation.

As you can see, the tie fits perfectly into the hole.
 I tried to organize the ties into the same  color family.
Once completed, I separated the group of hangers with the empty one in-between the unworn ties and the worn ones.  That way, the worn ties could be on one side of the empty hanger and rotated after it was filled.(I hope that makes sense?)

Why don't you try your hand at using some of these scarf hangers to tidy up your closet?  As Martha Stewart always says, "It's a good thing!"

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