Friday, August 9, 2013


I wanted to backtrack and tell you that the American Girl Elizabeth's bed  in the last posting cost  $118.00 in the catalog.  I'm sure that between Mr. Thrifty's building and my sewing recreated the bed for under $35.00. 

 The Molly bed in the  catalog costs  $94.00 for the new edition.  I don't remember how much the original cost, but I'm sure it was about the same cost. Recall the frame that Mr. Thrifty built for Molly, the American Girl doll.
This frame did not need to be stained because all of the wood would be covered with fabric.
Jo Ann Fabrics had a red mini-whale corduroy fabric.  The trimming was a bit more of a challenge to acquire.  On the American Girl bedding, a candy striping thread embellished the red bedspread.  I found a twine with white and candy resembling the trim.  Red pillow ticking would make the perfect choice for the pillow covering and the mattress.  The cross-stitched pillow would need some creativity.
 Here is the actual retired American Girl bed for Molly.

This is the mattress embellished with red cross-stitch thread ties.  The headboard cover was slipped on top of the headboard.  The red and white trim was glue gunned right onto the fabric.

Making the accent pillow was a bit more difficult.  I found an image of a cross-stitched rose on the Internet.  I did a photo transfer onto a piece of white cross-stitch fabric and sewed up the pillow.  To make the fringe, I pulled strings on the ends of the pillow creating a fringe affect.

Adding the coverlet with candy striping edges completes the bed.

The headboard cover just slipped over the frame.
Another successful replication of the American Girl Molly bed is complete. This bed set cost  about $25.00.  That was quite a savings.

Why don't you try your hand at one of these furniture projects?  Your daughters will cherish them for many years to come.


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