Monday, August 5, 2013


Once the bed frames were made for Molly and Elizabeth, it was time for me to get creative.

Here is the picture of the actual bed from the American Girl catalog.

  I went to  the Jo Ann Fabric store to look for fabrics that would replicate the actual American Girl bedding for these beds.  

The bedding for Elizabeth's bed had to be a light blue with tiny white flowers to simulate the original.  Unwashed linen, light blue cross-stitch thread and light blue lace would finish the look.

Recall that the frame looked like this.
Let me show you how I dressed Elizabeth's bed first.
After measuring the completed frame, I had to make 4 bed chamber panels, 3 skirt lengths, a mattress, pillow and pillowcase and a canopy topper. 
I used Velcro strips to attach most of the pieces.  These strips were attached to the bottom of the frame for the skirts, and the top of the frames for the chamber curtains.
Here is the frame with all of the Velcro attached including the bed skirts.
And a close-up of the skirt.  The below picture shows how to attach the Velcro to the frame of the bed.

The three skirts are attached to the frame.

The mattress and pillow were made out of the natural linen.  The cross-stitch thread was placed to make the mattress look like those of long ago.
A close-up.
A pillowcase and coverlet were sewn.
A close-up of the pillowcase.
I sewed 4 chamber curtains and attached the fuzzy part of the Velcro to the top of the wrong side of the piece.  Here you see 2 pieces with the frontal view and 2 with the wrong side of the curtains.

The chamber curtains were attached.

Each chamber curtain is gathered and trussed with a satin ribbon.

The canopy is sewn. 

The lining of the canopy is off white silk.
Finally, the canopy is laid over the top of the bed frame.
Now, Elizabeth, the American Girl Doll can have a restful night of slumber.
I am happy with my interpretation of Elizabeth's elegant bed.  What do you think?
Stay tuned for Molly's red corduroy bed in the next posting.

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