Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 As the school schedule has settled in, I would like to share some lessons that we have learned around the house this past summer.

 Before I proceed, I must say that this post is completely my opinion on this product.

At the beginning of the spring, I spied a package of lily of the valley seedlings.  The package cost $2.98.  I love the fragrance of this flower.  I figured that it was worth a try.

  Planting them in my faux concrete window planter was the initial planting bed. Once they were somewhat established, I was going to plant them in my flower bed up on the hill.  The roots took off quickly.

As they grew, I noticed something peculiar, but I kept on watering.

These seedlings looked nothing like the picture on the package.  I decided to allow them to grow until I returned from Illinois.

  These were not lily of the valley plants.  A lesson learned.  No more buying  packages of seedlings at big box stores.  From now on, I will only go to a nursery.

I never did figure out what plant I was planting.  Anybody out there know what this plant is?

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