Saturday, October 5, 2013


Once Mom moved into her senior living apartment, I was given the job of keeping her front door attractive with some sort of decoration for each season.  You might recall the summer blooming wall pocket that was the first of many door decorations.

With fall approaching, it was time to create an autumnal wreath for door.
So let's get started.
Off to Hobby Lobby to purchase the supplies.  Burlap ribbon would fill the base of the wreath. 
 New wire wreath bases are now available and come in various
 sizes.  These bases make it very easy to gather ribbons of any kind into the frame.  My frame is about 15 inches in diameter.
With a 40% coupon, the frame costs about $1.80.  All of the other decorative ornaments except for the ribbon were 40% off too.
 This type of ribbon comes in a multiple of designs, colors and weaves.  Check them out at your local store.  The ribbon was 50% off the regular price.
Following photos are of the particular picks that I chose for the wreath.
As you look at the items, you see that I tried to compile various textures.
The first step was to weave the burlap in and out of the wire frame.
After wrapping the entire frame, I still had about 4 feet left.
 Using the entire 15 feet of burlap ribbon, I had enough to make a bow and still have a very long sash.
I cut the loop and left the ends with a v-shaped slit.
 A glue gun was used to attach the picks to the frame.
The back of the frame shows the excess glue which isn't too pretty.
And the finished product......................
This wreath will carry her into the early days of the wintry season.
I believe the size of this wreath is too substantial so I am going to make one smaller for Mom on the next posting.

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