Saturday, October 12, 2013


Getting ready for fall was a challenge coming up with a new twist on the next season.

  What goes better with all the autumnal colors?  Why gold! As I was searching my collection of vintage frames, I came upon my Grandparents original marriage certificate in a gold distressed frame.  In the past I have used this framed certificate in a wall display of  'all that is Roth history'.  Between framed Naturalization certificates, to Baptismal certificates, with sepia photographs of those who gave us our identity graced the wall in our guest room.

The beautiful engraving still maintains its luster.(Sorry about the glass glare.)
Notice the wear of the frame itself.  I think it's in pretty good shape considering it is 96 years old and has gone through multiple moves with us.
Instead of hanging the picture, I thought it would be a unique tray for my coffee table vignette.
Then, I thought of an old German book that I bought at the library book sale last year for 25 cents.  Recalling that my Grandfather was  of German descent gave me an idea.  Why not curl the pages of the book on the tray?  I realize that many would find that to be a very disrespectful thing to do to a book.  I promise, just this one time.
More folding........
The strange thing is that my youngest daughter comes into the room and mentions that that's what some of the kids in her class do when they are bored.  Out of the mouth of babes.  Of course, I inquired if she had ever done this, and she replied no.  I certainly hope not.
A few pheasant feathers and......
All that was needed was to insert some autumnal colors onto the tray.
Pulling out a tin pitcher that I have used repeatedly(it doesn't have to be polished), I added a bunch of my faux autumn flowers.  A raffia bow is added to the handle.
Two weeks ago, I picked up this little tea cup with attached saucer at the Mission Mart.  It was $1.00
before a 30% discount.  For 70 cents, I had to make a good home for it.  Adding a embellished pumpkin finished it up.
So on those nights during the fall, when I cozy up on the sofa to watch TV, I can glance down and smile thinking of my Grandparents.
Try using a vintage family certificate in your fall decorating.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love it!

  2. I think that bringing in family history is so important.