Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Here is the rustic bead board door that I rescued out of the trash last summer.
Added to it was a burlap wreath made with textural pumpkins and acorns.
Once I had the inspiration for the fall mantle, there was just the matter of pulling rustic items out to fill in the space.

I pulled my wicker baskets out to set on the mantle and on the floor.

An old sewing machine double drawer fit in nicely.

A $5.00 estate sale chair with a cracked black leather seat added another level to the vignette.  After the season, this chair will get an overhaul.  Notice the intricate design on the chair back.
A few more pumpkins are scattered around the chair.

At night time, the light glows to make the room feel cozy.

Below the mantle can be as crucial as the impact of the mantle itself.  The idea is to create a full effect of the entire fireplace space.

More pumpkins are added to the mantle shelf.

Who would have thought that a tossed away bead board door laying in a heap of garbage would transcend into the making of a beautiful rustic fall mantle?

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