Wednesday, October 16, 2013


There is a cool back story to this posting.

Two summers ago, while in the Chicago area visiting my sister Karen, we took a morning walk before the heat became unbearable.  It just so happened to be garbage day in her neighborhood.

After walking a few blocks, we turned the corner and I noticed a pile of refuge up ahead.  My scavenger instinct kicked in.  My eyes focused on an old bead board door that must have gone to a cabinet.  I grabbed it.  I looked at Karen and asked her if she wanted it.  She wasn't sure what she could do with it.

  I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it either, so I took it back to Huntsville to wait for the perfect spot to show off its unique coloration.

Here is the back of the door, beautiful in all it's chippiness.
I think either side would be perfect for a backdrop but on this project, I wanted to accent the rust and green of the front of the door.
I'm thinking that the white side of the door would look fabulous with a pair of vintage ice skates filled with Christmas greenery.  But that is another post.
 The rich browns, gold, rusty copper and gray- green paint chips lent themselves to the colors of fall.  To some, this worn torn door would be not worthy of resurrecting. 
For me, this piece was perfect to build the autumn mantle around.
 Once I had made my burlap wire wreath with glittered pumpkins and acorns, I knew I had a home to rest the wreath.

Just wait until you see how this bead board door became the centerpiece for the Fall Mantle 2013. 

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