Saturday, December 21, 2013


After retrieving all the decorations from the attic, I began removing the treasured ornaments from their boxes and laying them out on the floor. My girls have always hung the ornaments.  Because of school projects and studying for mid terms, they were not available this year.  Since they would not  be involved, I decided that it was time for a change.   I assembled all my silver and crystal ornaments and put all of my other ones back in their boxes.  Over the years I have accumulated many of these glittery ornaments to add sparkle to our tree.

I asked the family if it was all right with them to give a new look to our holiday tree.  With their permission, I got to work.  I began layering all the crystal ornaments first.  I   found a new type of crystal sprays at the end of season sale for the past two years.  Once inserting them into the tree, it reminded me of the fireworks normally attributed to the fourth of July.  This tree was really coming together.

With all the glittered snowflakes and stars added, even more light was thrown around the room.  I was amazed that I had completely filled the tree with these glittered ornaments.

Now the challenge was to take pictures of the completed project.  Seeing the tree reflect the white lights in the hung silver plate trays brought a smile to my face. It was all coming together.

 Mr. Thrifty was there to the rescue to attach the camera to the tripod to get better pictures.  What do you think?

The peaceful and tranquil tree leaves such a peaceful glow to the room.  I think I will be keeping the lights on more often during the day to enjoy this bright spectacle especially with all of our dreary cold, rainy days.

Because I have collected shades of silver and white wrapping paper for years, it was an easy choice to get them out and wrap some presents. I was really motivated to finish this scene.


 The wrapped presents compliment the tree so well.  I am going to enjoy my view of the tree from my kitchen sink every day until the 25th arrives.

There is still a lot to do.  Cookies and candy need to be started.  A room full of wrapping paper, tape, scissors and Christmas picks ready for the flurry of finishing up the rest of the gifts is at hand.

I also need to take a breath and remember what this season is really about. 

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