Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My major purchase for Christmas decor this season was the two faux garlands bought from Hobby Lobby.  My entire theme will revolve around these two garlands.  See if I stay on track.

The one catch was that I had to reuse my white velvet poinsettia urn from last year.(See POINSETTIA CHRISTMAS MANTLE,  December 21, 2012 posting)  This flower arrangement was just too pretty not to use again.  Also, my colors of white, silver and Christmas greenery were used in the urn.  So, the urn was placed back on the mantle.  One of the garlands was laid across the mantle casually draping off the left edge.

I brought one of my porch post pillars(See THE TALE OF TWO PORCH POSTS-PART 2-posted July, 27, 2012)in from outside to create another level to the mantle vignette.  Hold that thought for a minute.

While going to my last estate sale a week ago, as we left the house, there were huge pine cones all over the ground and sidewalk.  I asked my youngest Valentine to pick them up.  Once home, all I did was insert the pine cones into a clear vessel. 

Placing this onto the pillar looked nice.  But, it was missing something.  I pulled my 2nd garland out of the bag and twisted it around the porch post.  I brought my 2 mercury standing candle  bases out from last year and placed them on the hearth floor.

Now the mantle looked elegant, yet simple and surely would keep the winter theme going through to Valentine's Day.

Beautiful in daylight

and night time too....


No need to update this Christmas mantle until Valentine's Day.

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