Sunday, December 1, 2013


 When I think of gingerbread, I think of the Christmas season.  Though this posting is about a different type of gingerbread, I hope you enjoy the story behind the Gingerbread Door.

When we lived in the DC area, I was getting ready to move to Little Rock.  A good friend from school was getting rid of an adorable gingerbread decorated screen door.  She asked me if I would like it.  At the time, I had dreams of opening up a shop and instantly  knew that this would have to be the door that opened up to my Shabby World.

As time passed, and we moved onto Huntsville, that dream subsided.  I decided to try to sell it at my garage sale.  This door was custom made and very solid.  I knew that there had to be a very particular person out there that would be interested in it. 
Who would have thought that a friendly neighbor would be interested in it?

Now my story begins.  While in Little Rock, a dear friend of my little sister knew of a military friend that was moving to Little Rock.  She contacted me and asked if I would look after her friend Jill.  We became fast friends.  Well, as military families come and go, it was time for Jill and her family to move on.

   A few years later, my friend Jill, now in the DC area contacted me and wanted me to again pay it forward and give a great military wife welcome to a friend of hers. Their husbands had deployed overseas together.

 This is the part of the story where I am embarrassed to say that I dropped the ball.  Dear Teresa had been in Huntsville for almost 6 months and I had not made the initial call. I could give the excuse of being busy with the girls which I was, but I won't.  Then one early December evening at church, a friend came up to me and mentioned that there was a girl in our parish that had been walking around for 6 months with my name on a piece of paper in her wallet.  I was aghast with embarrassment.... It was Teresa.. 

Fast forward to the next day.  I called Teresa and she said that she thought that we were going to be neighbors.  She asked me to go out the front door and look down the street.  Sure enough, here was Teresa waving at me 5 houses away.  I hung up the phone and sprinted down the street.  Sure enough, my chance for redemption was at hand.  I met Teresa, a lovely girl, who just happened to have 13 siblings in her family growing up.  We connected immediately!

So on that fateful day later that next spring, Teresa purchased this very door.  I knew that she would  restore it to it's original beauty.

 Well, look what Teresa did with the door!!!!
 With some paint and new hardware, she gave life to my find.  This door opens to her 'friend's entrance' on the side of her house.
 Didn't she(and her husband) do an amazing job?

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