Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It was time to change up my Eyelash lampshade(See EYELASH YARN LAMP SHADE, September 21, 2012 posting).  As much as I love my Chinese cobalt blue and white porcelain pieces and added blue and white accessories, it was time for a change to simplify the great room for the upcoming holiday season.

It was pretty simple to replace the yarn lampshade with an $7.87 drum shade from Wal-Mart.

The shade remains rather plain, but I thought I would leave it that way until I became inspired.
I did attach the chandelier crystal around the top of the lamp base to give it a bit of bling.

All it took was a quick coat of Brasso to clean the brass lamp base.
Pulling the $10.00 estate sale champagne bucket out of my guest powder room, yes, it's my trash dispenser for the rest of the year, I placed it on the drum table.
 I casually placed one of my Target champagne and silver branch trees into the bucket as you would  a bottle of bubbly champagne. 

I was in need of more sparkling objects.
I have a thing for collecting vintage powder compacts.  Since the three that I collected are glittery, gold and silver, just setting them next to the bucket threw off more design in their reflection of the silver plate.


Once again, going to my estate sale silver, I pulled 3 pieces, one cost $1.00, the 2nd cost $2.00 and the tray cost $10.00.  For a total of $13.00, look what you can do!!!
To attach the platters to the wall, I tried the new Command strips.  They work!!!!!!


With a $15.97 throw from the Better Homes and Garden collection, this corner speaks of  cozy comfort.

Off to a great start holiday decorating! 

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  1. Love the silver platters on the wall. Thank you for the recommendation of the Command strips...I always wondered if they worked!