Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Having a wide variety of handmade sweets over the holidays allowed me to come up with a very frugal, but beautiful way to serve them to friends and family that would drop in.

I have acquired quite a stash of odds and ends of silver plated pieces from numerous estate sales over the years.  The funny thing is that about 10 years ago the pieces started showing up at  Goodwill.

Those days are over when women had to carve out an afternoon to polish their silver.

Nowadays, many home stagers don't even polish the silver.  The antiqued patina is quite the in thing.

Here is a picture of a group of items that I purchased on the last day of an estate sale.  Everything totaled a whopping $5.00.

For the holidays, a fun way to plate cookies got me thinking about all of these pieces. I went to my junk drawer and pulled the gummy tacky that I once used in the classroom to hold up papers on the wall.

      I needed a quick project to display my Christmas cookies this year.  This took about 3 minutes to put together.  Here are the following pieces that I pulled from my stash.

This platter was a trophy for a Women's golf league.  It doesn't matter that the medallion sticks up on the tray.  It will be covered by a candy dish.  The beautiful  engraving designs will show.

Two candy dishes.......................


And one package of Loctite Mounting Putty found at Walmart.

Apply three dabs of putty on the top of the base candy dish. Place medallion platter on top.  Press together firmly so they adhere.

                             Apply three dabs of putty on underneath of  the second candy dish.


                                                                  The finished tower.

                                                              Plate the sweets with a holiday pick.



     This is such an elegant display to show off those treasures that belonged to strangers from long ago.

So get out those leftover Christmas cookies out and make your own cookie tower.  The silver plate pieces will really let your visitors know that their hostess puts out the 'best china' when they arrive.

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