Thursday, April 24, 2014


This posting begins with a found object from Goodwill Industries that cost me $2.00. 
I loved the shape and distressed look of this basket.

What a complete surprise to find out that it was not vintage at all but a Harry David prop basket for one of their gift packages.

Last spring while visiting in Ohio, I found a warehouse faux flower store called the Flower Factory.  It sort of reminded me of a Garden Ridge, but this immense store was full of flowers of one sort or another.  The thing that set this store apart was that the faux(I hate to use the term fake) flowers were just incredible in detail.
Here are some of the flowers that I purchased.
Lilacs in cream.
Delphiniums in purple.
Peony stems.
Since this was a gathering basket, I just laid the flowers in the basket casually as I imagined myself walking through the garden and taking cuttings off of the plants in bloom.
 The last item I purchased that day was a lime green table runner.  I tied the runner around the stems of the flowers and created a flouncy, draped bow.
That was it.  I will say that these flowers even though purchased through this warehouse store were cheaper,  still cost me a pretty penny.  I had to look at it as I would be using these same flowers for years especially for the fact that they are some of my most favorite flowers.

And while spring arrives later this year, I will have this gorgeous gathering basket to view.


It is a breath of fresh air to pass by this delicate flower basket. 
Spring does come.


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