Monday, May 19, 2014


 After Mr. Thrifty,  and I were married, we (My Dad, Mr. Thrifty and myself with the help of Dad's friend, Bill Nailon) gutted the only bathroom in the house and put in a new sink and toilet, tub surround and tiled floor.  Originally, the house had peach and burgundy plastic tiles on the walls.

The Mr. transformed the bathroom into a country cottage, all white bathroom with tongue and groove white paneling.  All hardware was polished nickel.  It had a wonderful clean and pristine appearance.

           Let's travel forward for 13 years and you can see the wear and tear which I found a bit extreme.         

 In this picture you notice that the all white floor that we put down was redone while we were gone.  The floor tiles had been cracked.  I think that it was done with none other than the toilet tank lid.  On further inspection, two pictures down, my Peoria friend, Larry took multiple pictures before we came to the house to get an idea of the condition.  If you look at the tank lid in that picture, you can see that both corners were broken off. 
 The property manager called and told us that the floor tiles were all cracked, so he sent one of his workman in there to retile the floor.  So all the black and white tile was newer to the house.
 The tub surround was just filthy.  It was an almond shade.  I don't know why I ever put that color into an all white bathroom, but I did.  We cleaned this shower many times.  Had I had more time, I would have updated that shower surround.

On further inspection, there was just plain dirt, grime and filth.
My girls definitely learned all about 'elbow grease' those 3 weeks.

Another before shot....

After the wall plate was removed, I took a picture.

 Somehow, another unexplained condition was the triple medicine cabinet mirror.  All of the glazing on the bottom had been stripped off.

My handy dandy fix-it man, Jesse came in like a whirling dervish and tackled 16 jobs in about 4 hours.  One of the more involved one  was to  replace the cabinet because the pipes under the sink had rusted and had been leaking.  With my girls in tow, we went to Home Depot, and bought a bathroom cabinet and sink faucet, faucets for the bathtub and other multiple items for around the house.  By the time that Jesse left, he had fixed a leaking air conditioner unit, overhauled the faucet under the kitchen sink, and done some roof work. I really believe that between Mr. Terry and Jesse, this job would never have been completed.  When I think of both of them, I know that in a moment in time, they both brought much joy to me.
After a pretty thorough scrubbing, my oldest daughter taped off rooms in order to get the painting done faster.

Look at the condition of the bead board.

The after picture of the new tub faucets and caulking.  The tub still needs some more work.  I promise you that it was clean when we left.

Jesse's fine work under the sink.

I could not find a replacement top for the toilet tank.  However, with a few coats of paints, the area really cleaned up well.

 Other than the bottom of the mirror, the room almost looked brand new.
 I am happy with the results, though at times, I never thought we all could pull it off.
One of the renters installed this extra towel bar.  It was easier to clean and paint around it, than remove it and have to deal with the screw holes.

What I always enjoyed about this bathroom was that it was one of the first real projects that Mr. Thrifty did right after we were married.  It really refreshed the house.  With the background of white, any color could be introduced and it would give the room a whole new look.

 With all of the help we had, we returned the room as best we could to it's original glory.

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