Friday, May 23, 2014


 The yard on Maywood had always been an issue with the renters.  None of them adequately groomed the yard as it should have been.  A few never cut the grass and the overgrowth of shrubbery was always out of hand.  I would usually have to have someone come in on a yearly basis and literally scalp the entire yard.  One year, the rose bush grew over the driveway onto the neighbor's property.

The following pictures were taken before our arrival last June.

This bush is actually an overgrown weed.

I have to admit that the grass was actually in pretty good condition.

More overgrown weeds.  I always felt bad for the neighbors.  This was one unsightly mess.


This was a brick patio that I laid with the help of a bricklayer friend in 1991. 
 I used recycled street brick from the city.
 It had held up well except for the extensive weeds between the brick. Cleaning up of this patio took many man hours and many days.  The girls were put on this job.

Isn't this next picture just ghastly?

A lot of weed killer was applied before the girls could get to work.
Here are a few pictures of the backyard after I finished the brick patio in 1991.

I forgot how many gorgeous flowers I had in the flower beds.

Here is Grandma's birdbath.  I still have the top since the base was broken in the last move.

A row of hedges separated the yard from the alley.  Because of lack of attention, these bushes were cut down.  The yard was a beautiful respite for us in its day.

So here we are  out back   cleaning the patio of weeds.  This shows about 1/3 of the patio cleaned.

The girls did have fun washing the patio down once the weeds were pulled.
Here are my little worker bees.

This picture was taken before the water fight ensued.

Here is the peony bed.

Before the last grass cutting.

Isn't this cleanup amazing?  My girls are absolutely the best!

It is kind of sad to see the yard cleaned up without the beautiful flower beds.  I hope that the new owner will restore them to their beauty.

The tiger lilies are getting ready to bloom.  I did have the forethought to pull some of them out to transplant in my Alabama garden.  They are growing beautifully here.  I am anxious to have my first crop this summer. 

Only one rosebush remained after we cleaned the bed behind the house.  New mulch was added.

The girls and I were so happy to have the backyard cleaned up.  We are close to being finished on this house project.  Stay tuned for the front yard.

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