Thursday, May 29, 2014


 This year, I am leaving my summer mantle in tact until fall.  I pulled out my Chinese blue and white estate sale pieces to decorate.

As you can see, my faux peonies fill one of the vases.

 Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.  My Grandmother grew them in the side yard of the Maywood house.  Before we sold the house, I pulled all of the plantings up.  I gave some to my sister and brought the rest back to Alabama.  This is the second season that they have been in our backyard.  Today, I looked out and found 8 separate plants.  I can't wait to see their blooming season this year.

I ran outside to take a picture of the transplanted peonies on April 29th of this year. There are 7 peony plants in this picture.

But until they bloom, I will use my faux peony blooms to decorate the mantle.

A few seasons back, I took a hike to the woods in our subdivision and cut these branches down.  I keep moving them from one vase to another.  These gangley branches add so much character to the mantle.

I think the mantle will breathe summer freshness indoors.

We all want fresh flowers in our homes when we can get them.  My  friend Susan, so generously gave me bags of already bloomed irises last summer.  I transplanted them into a bed and they have sprung forth just beauty.  Look at these gorgeous blooms!

What better way to show them off than on the
Summer Mantle.

These irises will adorn the mantle until the peonies bloom next week. 

And finally with the peonies blooming, I have come full circle to enjoying Grandma's peonies in my home far, far away.

 Isn't it amazing how just changing a flower creates an entire new look!

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