Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I want to update the May altar as Grandma's peonies finally bloomed. 
Now back to the blog.

When I started making greeting cards for friends and family, I would look for vintage religious images to embellish the cards.  A child's First Holy Communion is such a special day.  I wanted to create a memory card for each of my girls.

This is one of my most favorite vintage holy cards.
Attached on a satin ribbon, I tied a crystal heart to the knot.

I found this beautiful font on the Internet.  I think the message is a beautiful insert for the card.

And the complete card.  It is so easy to find these images on the Internet.  Try your hand at making one this May.
A bit of backstory on my First Communion.  Here is a picture of my 2nd grade First Communion class.  There were 109 children in the picture.  That was 2 classrooms full of kids.  Roughly, there were at least 54-55 students in one class.  Can you image a classroom today with that many?
In the day, my Grandmother took all of our First Communion cards and glued them into a scrapbook, with each grandchild having their very own page..  Here is an image of some of my cards.
A child's First Communion is a major event in their lives.  I am so happy to have such fond memories of my First Communion.

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