Friday, May 2, 2014


Growing up, one of my fondest memories is cutting flowers for our May Altar that resided in our home.  We had a yellow Formica kid's table that we would cover with a white sheet.  Then, we would place a statue of Mary, because May is the month that we honor her.  Many Protestants believe that we worship Mary.  No, we honor her.  As my youngest daughter's Confirmation teacher states, "No Mary, no Jesus".  She is absolutely right.  If Mary had not said yes, our faith would not exist.

 A vase of fresh cut flowers from outside was kept at her side throughout the month. My Grandmother always had peonies blooming, so she would bring some cuttings over and later we would notice all the ants crawling around. Our job was to check the vase every morning to see if we needed to replenish the vase with fresh cuttings. 
At church, this is the time when the 2nd graders usually have their First Communion.  In my day, on the first Friday of May, the eighth graders would pick a girl to crown the May Queen at the Mass.  Nowadays, the 2nd graders all dressed up in their finery from their First Communion the week before process down the aisle to the statue of Mary at the front altar.  Each one brings a fresh flower to fill the vases around the base of Mary's statue.  One 2nd grader was chosen to crown the statue of Mary with a halo of flowers. It is an emotional moment to see these young children.

So back to the posting.  I got one of my crochet doilies from Grandma and placed it on the porch post.  
Mom had given me a statue of the Virgin Mary that she bought in France years ago.  Mary has such delicate and beautiful features. 

I am a collector of Holy Cards.  I pulled one of  Mary out of the group and leaned it up in front of the statue.

A glass dome covers the statue.

A wedding present that we were given is set aside to be filled with flowers when the month of May begins.

A few added rosaries lay on the doily.  I know my Grandmother prayed at least one Rosary every day and the doily makes this connection to Mary.

If just for a moment, the girls pause by the porch post  to say a Hail Mary or reflect on the great gifts that God has blessed them with, then the May Altar has fulfilled its purpose.



  1. What a beautiful tradition and so special that you have keepsakes from your grandmother. I love this.

  2. Thanks Wendy. I cherish mementos from Grandma and like to share when I can.