Thursday, June 5, 2014


I have to apologize for forgetting to post this morning.  The girls are out of school and we have been busy decorating for Vacation Bible School(yes, even the Catholics have it down here in the South.)
So let's begin.........
In an attempt to recycle items, I generally hunt for broken or chipped plates at estate sales, Goodwill or flea markets.  I use these plates to create mosaic projects, but I found another way to update vignettes by using them in decorating  my flower planter.
I planted this last week.

Merely by placing the broken plates into the soil in the front of the planter, and already you get a sense of whimsy.

Can you see the broken parts of the plates?  No!!!

Besides bringing more color to the planter, it is a bit unexpected.

Look around your home for those misfit or chipped dishes.  Add your own whimsy to a flower planter or flower bed.

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