Monday, June 9, 2014


I had been looking for a piece that would keep my desk clutter more organized.  I started looking for vintage wooden silverware trays.  I  picked this one up at an estate sale for $2.00.  When you see the finished project, you will notice that it doesn't have 4 sections.  My desk organizer is about 6 years and it is very worn.  I didn't take a before picture of my silverware box, so I'm showing you a similar one.  These are readily picked up at an estate sale or garage sale.

Once the piece is stripped, I primed and painted it with a coat of white acrylic paint.  It was topped with  a crackling medium.  Then, it was top coated again with the acrylic paint.  I found a drawer pull in a hardware catalog on clearance.  It had an unusual shape.

Notice that the brass would not work on this box.  I primed the handle with  a metal primer and then top coated with the white acrylic paint. One coat of crackling medium and a topcoat of the white paint will finish the handle.  Drill two holes in the front of the box and screw the handle to it.  Make sure that you paint the top of the screws so they blend in.

I like to line the drawers with scraps of old wallpapers.  Here are three of the ones that I keep handy for projects.  I love the two flowered print rolls.  I picked them up for $5.00 each at a store in Ohio.  The embossed roll has been used for my mantle clock.

Using a 1 inch foam brush, I brush on Elmer's  on the bottom of each drawer and line them with cut swatches of the wallpaper.

To give it a bit more style, I added feet to the box.  I had vintage crystal cabinet knobs in my craft room stash.  You can drill pilot holes in the four corner and screw each knob into the bottom.  Or you can hot glue them on.

This box is a great place to keep all those incidentals that one would like to have at their fingertips.
It looks good on display on the desk too.

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