Sunday, June 22, 2014


When my first daughter was born, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to buy her a pair of denim overall shorts.  He was shocked.  Why would I want to put her in 'boys' denim shorts when she was a girl? 
Because she looked so cute!
After number one daughter came number 2.  She wore them too.  Remembering all the fun filled active days they had wearing them, I knew that I needed to keep them for sentimental reasons.

This picture was taken in front of our military house on Great Lakes Naval Base.
That is how this project came to be.  It was around the 4th of July and I had nothing to put on my front door for decoration.  Getting multiple little flags out, I started stuffing the pockets in the overalls.
The first thing you might notice is how worn and faded the overalls are.  They have been washed many, many times.
And from a distance, the overalls are patriotic in all of their faded glory.  Hung on my vintage shutters from New Hampshire gives them the perfect backdrop.
How simple of a patriotic display is that?

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