Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This post is such an easy one to replicate.  Speaking of easy, my oldest daughter who loves Pinterest tells me that the reason that my projects are not popular on that site is because they are too labor intensive.  She told me that most sites on Pinterest are popular because a person can complete them in 5 minutes. 
 Well, here is one of those projects.
I didn't have anything on the porch post since the summer.  I pulled my lantern out, went upstairs to the plastic tubs of fall things and literally pulled out some gourds, bittersweet and placed them inside the door of it.  Ta da!!!
Adding a shaft of wheat tied to the handle added some fluff.
However, there didn't seem to be any light inside the light to show off the beautiful colors.
I pulled a battery powered tea light out.
 I placed it in the bottom of the lantern, turned it on and it was perfect!
During the day, the simplistic display adds some autumn warmth to the room.

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