Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 This posting will complete the office desk-finally!

It is always interesting to find a new product that really is top notch.  I can say without any reimbursement from the company, that I will be using this product for years to come.  I love it.  I would assume since the lamp black paint I so similar to chalk paint, that I could use this polyacrylic  on my Annie Sloan projects.
After 3 coats of Lamp black paint, and a gentle sanding between the coats, 2 coats of Polyacrylic water based semi-glossed topcoat were applied.  Between the coats of the polyacrylic, I sanded the surfaces with 400 grit sandpaper. Always remember to wipe off the surfaces after sanding. This is a very fine grit and knocks off minimal finish, but also helps to grab the next coat of sealer.
I used a high quality synthetic brush to apply the sealer.  I would like to make a point to tell you that the sealer looks milky when initially applied to the surfaces.(See the streaks?)

Within 20 minutes, the finish turns clear.  Adding another coat is suggested between 2-4 hours after initial application.

I will apply another coat of the sealer in a day.  Once the desk was dried for a few more days,
 the hardware was reattached. 
 The gold handles remind me of the gold buttons on Mr. Thrifty's West Point Cadet jacket.
 What do you think?
Mr. Thrifty and I agreed that I should order glass for the top of the desk. This would insure  that the desk would have an excellent writing surface.  I was lucky.  In Huntsville, there is a company that when the glass was ordered on Monday, it was picked up on Wednesday.
Unfortunately, the Patriotic chair will remain at the desk until I can
                   refinish this next project.   I must admit that the eagle goes well with the red chair. 
Projects NEVER end!  I found this decrepit oak chair in the garage heap.  You are probably thinking that the garage is getting pretty empty.
 I think I will paint the chair black and use the same fabric from the slipcovered chair to reupholster the seat with added foam.(See picture.)
But until that day, I will just enjoy a few moments of gazing in the office and knowing that the desk has finally been completed.

Once again, before.......

and after.

 Now, Mr. Thrifty finally has his own spot in the house to work quietly.
I think he is well pleased.

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