Sunday, October 19, 2014


On the spur of the moment, I decided to create a Halloween window display out of things I already had around the house.
The base of this vignette centered around a vintage chippy black window pane that I had used against my brick porch in Arkansas.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find that old photo, so I am showing you another window frame hung against the brick.

Here is the actual window frame that I will be using.

The next step was to pull out my old books from the stash and rip some of the pages from a few of the books.

Using one of my painting cardboard boxes, I cut a piece to back the frame.  I then glued pages in no particular order onto the board.

It looks pretty bad right now but just wait.

It didn't take long to glue the pages with a glue stick.

Using my staple gun, I attached the cardboard to the back of the frame.

Digging into my Halloween tub, I found these plastic spider rings.  Using a scissors, I cut off the two ring prongs and glue gunned them onto the board.

I had an old bottle with ribbon and trinkets tied to the top and glue gunned this right onto the frame.

Adding the candelabra into the mix gave the scene a more haunted look.

I pulled out my jar of plastic skeletons out too.

The old champagne bucket would hold the branches.  Scrunched up newspaper would hold them in place.

My wooden witch(used from an old wreath)was attached to another part of the inside frame.

An ivory vintage damask tablecloth found at an estate sale for $2.00 was laid over the top of the black kitchen table.

The space is getting spookier.....

What would the space look like without a crow?

The mirror above the rectangular mirror gives the vignette the needed height.

Some branches from the backyard stashed into the champagne bucket hides the crow.

I really wanted to use only black, cream and silver in this area.

A different angle.....

The battery candle comes in handy as the sun sets.

The Halloween spirit is now upon us.

This foyer scene was created from odds and ends around the house.  I love the no cost look!

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