Friday, October 24, 2014


I'm sure you are a bit confused on the post title today.  If Grandma was living, she WOULD have been 120 years old today.  Let me give you a few thoughts about this incredible woman.
Helen was born on Oct. 24, 1896 in Buffalo, New York.  Sometime in her early years, her parents moved to Peoria, Il. where she remained until her death in 1991.
She was an only child and that affected her very much.  She was always thrilled to have so many grandchildren because she recalled her lonely childhood days growing up as a single child.


Isn't she precious?

This triple poses show the gentleness in her face.

This picture shows Grandma with a fur muff.  I never saw Grandma in anything like this.  She did look so elegant.

Her wedding photo.......

Grandma and Grandpa raised three children.

 Grandma lived to the age of 97.  She had such a devotion to the Blessed Virgin.  Grandma prayed at least one Rosary per day and went to Mass every day until she was not able to.

Grandma touched so many lives with her gentle spirit.  She lived a wonderful life and left a legacy to all her grandchildren.

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